Cnc design

      Mechanical designs and manufactures C.N.C. routers and computer controlled machines C.N.C. for cutting polystyrene with a hot wire, specialized in various operations: contour cutting, engraving, milling, drilling.

      CNC equipment we produce, addresses a wide range of activities in various industries such as:

Advertising production

Manufacture of various prototypes

The wood processing industry,

Making molds, etc.

      Equipment produced by us can help you achieve the desired project whether it is 2D or 3D, or if you want to engraved on metal, wood, plexiglass, to cut logos, etc.

     Technical Specifications:

      C.N.C. routers and C.N.C. equipment for cutting polystyrene products are produced as a "custom made" depending on customer requirements.

Reference Dimensions:

- "X" Axis between 600-3000mm

- "Y" Axis between 400-2000mm

- "Z" Axis between 100-250mm

- Resolution: from 0.01 to 0.03 mm

- Repeatability: 0.03 to 0.05 mm

- Power cutter: 600-3000 watts

      Framework structure is made of extruded aluminum for high rigidity type frame.

      Milling and axes are driven by stepping motors or servo motors

       Transmission is achieved by using screws and nuts, ball bearings and shafts scrap or rack system.

       Optional vacuum table.

       C.N.C. equipment cutting polystyrene interface allows you to control the heating wire, computer assisted or manual mode.


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